Sassy Boston series

Boston is a significant US city. Significant for its historical position in American history and important for its physical presence and visual appeal.

It is appealing to the eye and the psyche. This European looking city bridges the gap between Europe and the United States. The integration of both societies is alive and thriving in Boston.

No matter where you come from on this planet you can feel at ease in Boston, one of the cultural and historical cornerstones of the US. Boston appears conservative on the exterior but underneath its inhabitants are sassy individualists.

I attempted to capture this quality in this series.


Original artwork & Gicleé available for purchase.
Please Contact Carmela for more information.

Figure, 12x24, oil on canvas, $400 - Part of the Sassy Boston this piece pays homage to the student fashion designers of Boston. Every year they design pieces for a show in the Prudential Center.