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Why Invest in Workplace Art

Offering your clients and employees a pleasing office space by introducing art into the workplace is not just an excuse to spend money.

Companies regularly spend tens of thousands of dollars on building a brand identity. Creating an eye-catching logo, adopting corporate colors and establishing a presence on the Web are all crucial elements in determining how you are perceived by your clients and the public. Yet the actual physical space where business is conducted is often ignored.

Research by BOSTI Associates, a New York-based workplace planning and design consultancy firm, shows a clear correlation between how people experience the offices they work in and their productivity levels on the job including job performance, job satisfaction and their ability to communicate with each other. This finding is further highlighted in a survey conducted by ICM, a London-based research firm, and Art & Business, a non-profit network that builds partnerships between business and the arts at the corporate level, found that 73% of employees wanted more art in the workplace, stating that it both motivated and inspired them.

The increase of open space offices has further diminished employees’ sense of having a private space of their own that reflects their personality. Thus, the art in their view becomes more important especially if they don’t have a window nearby. Thus, art in the workplace is a management tool, and if done appropriately, affords substantial contribution to your business.

Further studies by BOSTI Associates have found that art in the workplace does indeed increase positive client and public perception.

The same principles that apply to branding as a marketing construct, apply to communicating your brand internally.